• Nicely packaged and immediately visible.
  • Printed or unprinted.
  • Products stay fresh longer.

Why a transparent tube?

Products packed in plastic tubes are beautiful packaging for viewing the complete product.

Your product packaged beautifully and visibly in transparent tubes. Printed or unprinted, there are endless possibilities of focussing the attention on your product that it deserves.

When products are packaged in transparent tubes, the full product is clearly displayed. One type of product that is especially well-suited to use with this kind of packaging is candy. Things like liquorice allsorts, gumballs or other kinds of sweets.
Transparent or plastic tubes also offer the option of packaging products in large volumes. What’s more, customers can immediately see what they are getting. These features make packaging your products in custom plastic tubes absolutely worth considering.

Total Packaging has vast experience in developing and producing plastic tubes. If you would you like to know more about packaging using transparent plastic tubes, or if you are looking for advice on the best packaging to suit your product, our team of specialists will be happy to tell you about the possibilities this tubes can offer.

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