The possibilities are practically limitless!

With vacuum forming, the possibilities are practically limitless. You are free to determine the colour, shape, style, material and/or size. Naturally, our sales team will be happy to advise you on combining cardboard and transparent packaging. And the final result? Your products have their very own custom-made packaging material.

Vacuum packaging is designed to give each of your products an individual space within the packaging. A good example of a vacuum-formed or thermoformed interior is a tray with various compartments for bonbons. The bonbon manufacturer must eventually package all the different shapes of bonbons in a single tray.

To give even more detail: a box of “seashells” bonbons consists of chocolates made in varying shapes. There are different kinds of shells, seahorses and starfish, for instance. All of these types belong to the same group of products. Vacuum forming allows these diverse bonbons to form a single unified whole in spite of their different shapes.

The advantage of packaging products in a vacuum-formed tray is that the products stay organised inside the packaging. They sit neatly in their compartments next to one another and are protected effectively by the packaging.

If you would you like to know more about Total Packaging’s vacuum packaging options or commission a design for your product straight away, our team of specialists will happy to tell you about the possibilities that vacuum packaging has to offer.