Oranje Furniture Care

Branche: Industry
Product group: Folding carton and Rigid setup boxes

“Good cooperation, fast and flexible, those are the keywords of Total Packaging!”
Wijnen Square Crops

Branche: Food AGF
Product group: Folding carton

“Total Packaging is happy to think along with us, service and delivery reliability are what counts for us.”

Branche: Cosmetics
Product group: Folding carton, Rigid setup boxes and Vacuum forming

“We have enjoyed working with Total Packaging since the very beginning of our existence. Over the years, we are happy to come up with more and more innovative packaging.”


Branche: Food Bakeries
Product group: Fulfilment, Vacuum forming and Folding carton

“It is important to us that a partner or supplier delivers good quality, service and high delivery reliability. We think Total Packaging is the most suitable party for this.”

Tasty Present

Branche: Food Chocolate
Product group: Rigid setup boxes

“Flexibility in production and delivery is our most important USP. Even very large Choco telegram orders can have a lead time of just a few days at Tasty Present. For this we must be able to rely blindly on our suppliers. Total Packaging has been an important link in our chain for more than 15 years. ”
Chocolaterie Brouwer

Branche: Food Confectionery
Product group: Vacuum forming and Folding carton

“We experience the collaboration as very pleasant. We are also very satisfied with the quality of the packaging. ”