Government measures regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) are increasingly restraining our business activities. We keep a close eye on these measures in order to determine the implications for our policy and service quality.
Last week we informed you about the measures we have taken ourselves. These measures are currently still sufficient and in accordance with national guidelines.
On short notice we do not foresee fierce obstacles that prevent us from continuing production and supply. Stock and staff capacity is sufficiently available and we are quite able to maintain our normal work processes.
Still, what we do foresee are longer delivery schedules concerning raw materials due to international transport restrictions. Of course, in the long run making predictions given the abnormal circumstances is a lot more difficult. Therefore, we would like to ask you to timely announce your intention to place a new order, so that raw materials can be purchased in time, i.e. earlier than usual, and delivery problems can be avoided.
The current situation makes it impossible to physically meet with colleagues or customers. Currently, a large part of our employees works at home. The application of a number of IT solutions has even increased our online accessibility. If desired, we can now schedule an appointment with you online, in addition to a telephone appointment.
Based on Dutch authorities’ predictions, the corona crisis is expected to continue for the time being. The management team keeps following all government updates and will respond as quickly as possible.
Concluding, we remain to be positive and look forward to times after the corona crisis, when business hopefully will be normal again. We wish you and your colleagues strength during this difficult time and hope that you will all remain in good health.
Kind regards, Management team Total Packaging B.V.