Looking for an exclusive packaging?

If you are looking for exclusive packaging, rigid setup boxes are your best choice: the possibilities are endless. From a box with a cover or lid or a hinge box to a base with matching cover: Total Packaging can make your idea a reality.

Give your luxury packaging an exclusive touch by using our special techniques for printing and/or refinement. Or select packaging in the form of rigid setup boxes, combined with folding card and/or transparent materials. You can choose to make the interior of the box from folding card, for instance, or place a transparent sleeve around a box or hinge box.

Looking to enhance the luxurious look and feel of your products? Packaging can do more than just surround and protect. Packaging your products in a rigid setup box with a lid gives your products just a bit of added luxury. You can add an exclusive sleeve as well. Because this packaging has been especially designed for one specific product, it lends that product a more exclusive allure.

Total Packaging has years of experience in developing and producing custom packaging for rigid setup boxes. Our gift boxes are a good example of these luxury rigid setup boxes. If you would like the product to remain visible, we will add a window to the lid, giving the customer a clear, immediate view of the product within the packaging.

Rigid setup boxes offer a highly diverse range of possibilities. If you are interested in more information or would you like to commission a design straight away, please contact us. The specialists at Total Packaging are at your service to provide expert advice on the possibilities of rigid setup boxes